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I’ve written for Men’s Health and GQ. I’ve written books with Hall of Famers and Fighter Pilots. People always ask me what it’s like and what I’ve learned and that’s where this newsletter comes in. The goal is to share with my subscribers five awesome things I’ve discovered in the course of my research, work and life. Could be a workout that crushed me, a book I’m loving, a new snack I found, a quick writing tip, cool gear, a nostalgic video or song on YouTube, an unsung movie, a sentence I wished I’d written, and much more.


ISSUE #79 – Vince Vaughn & Dr. J & David Epstein’s Range

ISSUE #78 – Kevin Bacon & Evernote & Slam Balls & Barry Bonds

ISSUE #77 – Big Pun & Dennis Eckersley & Plant Protein

ISSUE #76 Shaq & Nolte, Blue Chips, T-Shirts, David Mamet and Tony Hawk

ISSUE #75 – All-American Apollo Creed

ISSUE #74 – The Summer Reading List

ISSUE #73 – Heavyweight Champion Charles Barkley

ISSUE #72 – Stallone as The Terminator, a Golf Swing Koepka Would Envy, Favreau’s Chef Show, Carlton on Kids and more…

ISSUE #71 – Deleted Titans Denzel Scenes, D-Day Stories, John Candy, Fat Gripz for Muscles, F. Scott Fitzgerald…

ISSUE #70 – Macho Man Randy Savage, an Unreal Matrix-level stuntman, a 97-year-old athletic phenom, a new George Plimpton & more…

ISSUE #69 –Keanu Reeves’ Coolness, Laird Hamilton & Rogan, a Leg-Saving Massage Bar, a Pulitzer Prize poet and more…

ISSUE #68 – The Man Bigger than Game of Thrones’ ‘Mountain’, David Robinson Highlights, Tolkien Quotes, Jackie Mac & more

ISSUE #67 –Harold Ramis Honored, Anthony Jeselnik’s Masterpiece, Jeff Pearlman Revisits John Rocker, Wyatt Earp and more…

ISSUE #66 – FINKEL EXCLUSIVE: Ace Ventura’s Sean Young on Ray Finkle, More Cowbell’s Real Genius, a Candlepin Bowling novel & more…

ISSUE #65 – Ralph Macchio Waxes Karate Kid, One-Arm 225 Bench, Tiger’s Flip Book, Arnold, Reading Encyclopedias & more

ISSUE #64 – Jeopardy’s New Genius, Ted Williams, Back-Saving Spinal Hygiene, George RR Martin’s kindness & more…

ISSUE #63 – Walter Payton’s Last TD, Andrew Dice Clay’s Lost Variety Ad, Swimmers vs. Runners, a PDF hack and more…

ISSUE #62 – Remembering Nomar, the 3-point shooting savant, Mel Gibson & Vince Vaughn, Thomas Edison and more…

ISSUE #61 –Vintage Garry Shandling, DMX steakhouse rap, Susan Orlean’s masterpiece, PB&J Protein and more…

ISSUE #60 –MJ’s Famous Fax, My #1 Protein Powder Flavor, Beating Lunch Stress, Harold Arceneaux and more…

ISSUE #59 – Live from Inside the Bomb Cyclone, Gerald Ford Big Pimpin’, Ski Patrol 30 years later and…

ISSUE #58 –LL Cool J, an 830-Mile Air Force March, NBA Star Odds, old Herschel Walker footage and…

ISSUE #57 – One Q w/ Gronk, Genius Mushrooms, the 4-Minute Foot Massage and…

ISSUE #56 – One Q w/ a 4x NBA All-Star, Mark Twain, George Washington, Tony Gwynn and…

ISSUE #55 – Stephen King’s Metallica secret, Oprah, Bruce Smith & StairMasters and…

ISSUE #54 – A James Brown Conspiracy, Jujimufu, a Frank Robinson quote and more…

ISSUE #53 – Jackie Robinson’s Best Quote, Mocking the Peloton, Minnesota Fats & Friends…

ISSUE #52 – Air Jordans made out of cake, Eugen Sandow & Lion Wrestling

ISSUE #51 – The NBA’s Caffeine Addiction, Avengers & a Fat Finger Keyboard Solution

ISSUE #50 – A David Letterman prank, a deep dive on The Sopranos’ last scene, and more

ISSUE #49 – Mean Gene and Macho Man, the Hilarious Spice Adams, Bill Gates’ Curious Thoughts

ISSUE #48 – New Spider-Man workout playlist, scientists study boogers, James Clear is Smart

ISSUE #47 – The 15 Most Memorable Books I Read in 2018

ISSUE #46 – The 2-Second Stiff Neck Fix, the Godmother of the Word Processor, Kareem 

ISSUE #45 – Martian Twitter, Rules on Handshakes from Bush 41, a Great Robin Williams Doc, the Escape Artist is brilliant and much more…

ISSUE #44 – The Behemoth Bovine, a Perfect Book Light, LeBron’s Rare Training Regimen and more…

ISSUE #43 – A Winston Churchill Adventure, Darts & Farts, Dr. Seuss, Creed 2, America’s Best Burger and more…

ISSUE #42 – The Master of Saying “No”, Pre-Rocky Stallone’s Flophouse, the Origins of the Bulls Intro, a Grammar Hack and more…

ISSUE #41 – End robo calls, how to fall asleep in 2 minutes, live to 100, Alexander the Great and a priceless work story…

ISSUE #40 – Gremlins-themed School Lunches, The Sandman is Back, Inventing Healthy Cheetos, Stoners (not what you think) and more…

ISSUE #39 The anti-Gamma Ray glasses you need, the Chessboard Killer, a yellow lab leaps into a 10-foot pile of leaves, a 100-year old newspaper and more…

ISSUE #38 – Octopus IQs, Mariano Rivera’s childhood glove, Jack LaLanne Push-Ups and more…

ISSUE #37 – Rooibos Tea, Best American Sportswriting & the War Against American Cheese

ISSUE #36 – Live Brown Bears, Cold Brew, Colonel Gary Steele & Neal Brennan

ISSUE #35 – New Creed 2 Villain & OpenShot Software & The Green Brothers & the end of gyms

ISSUE #34 –Ticketmaster Mess & the OneBlade to Rule Them All & Lunchlady Land and more

ISSUE #33 – The Effective Executive, Where Your Old Phone Goes, Larry Bird Highlights & more

ISSUE #32 – History of Gold’s Gym, Top Flight Beef Jerky, Little Girl Owns Box Jump and more

ISSUE #31 – The Athlete in Paperback, the 30th Anniversary of Naked Gun, New York BBQ and more

ISSUE #30 – Reviving the Woolly Mammoth, the Perfect Laptop Lap Desk, King Tea Purple Tea and Rodney Dangerfield

ISSUE #29 – The Sporkful on The Simpsons, Unwifeable, Esquire’s Aretha Franklin Profile and more

ISSUE #28 – Jon Gruden’s Amazing Right Hand Man, A Great Back Cushion, Doctor Peter Attia’s Podcast and more

ISSUE #27 – Starting the New Life of Dad Book, Shea Serrano’s The Office PDF, Iverson & his Kids and more

ISSUE #26 – Sapiens: the book, 7-11 Coffee, and a Jimmy Garoppolo Feature

ISSUE #25 – Seinfeld & Chappelle, the $12.4 Billion Mistake, Cranberry Beef Jerky, Robert Greene and the Thesaurus

ISSUE #24 –Springsteen Business Tips, Bullet Proof Cold Brew, Summer Burpee Challenge

ISSUE #23 –Smart Phone Protector, Longform on Wiffle Ball, Mr. T and Humility and more

ISSUE #22 – Laptop Grime, Stephen King, Insane Ocean Photos, the Mud Volcano and more

ISSUE #21 – Best-Named Summer Beer & a Speed Reading App & Christine Brennan on Swimming & Jim Brown’s New Bio

ISSUE #20 – The 2018 Summer Reading List

ISSUE #19 – Bankrupt Twinkies & Meatheads Gone Wrong & New Summer Socks & In-N-Out Upgrade with Chick-Fil-A

ISSUE #18 –Speed Reading Video & Thunderbird Protein Bars, Top Gun 2 and more

ISSUE #17 – Sam Malone Today & New Matcha Green Tea & High Rep Deadlifts

ISSUE #16 – Michael Keaton’s Graduation Speech & Blue Bottle Coffee & A Back Saving Lower Back Stretch & Gary Smith on Joba Chamberlain

ISSUE #15 – Robert Curson’s Rocket Men & Rube Goldberg Machines & Grandpa’s Old Fashioned Pine Tar Soap & Unlimited ATM Theft in Esquire

ISSUE #14 – Students Buy Teacher Jordans & Wired EIC on Publishing & Power Waffles

ISSUE #13 – Sly’s Creed 2 Notes & Westworld’s Real World Budget & Ice Cream Protein Before Bed

ISSUE #12 – The Sandlot, Teddy Roosevelt, New Protein Bars and More…

ISSUE #11 – Jim Stoppani’s Pre-Workout & Andre the Giant’s Documentary & SI For Sale. Again.

ISSUE #10 – Returning Paper Airplane & Daniel Pink’s When & Giant Jenga & a 10-Minute Jump Rope Workout

ISSUE #9 – Death by Slam Ball Workout & Peanut Butter Bars & the Smart Phone Tripod & Rock the Bells Radio

ISSUE #8 – Laird Hamilton’s New Documentary & the Fastest 200 Freestyle & Black Rifle Coffee & Quotes on Stairs

ISSUE #7 – My Cousin Vinnie 2 & Black Panther Comics & Gorilla Kettlebells & Harold Arceneaux

ISSUE #6 – A Writer’s Revenge & Eliminating Tech Neck & the 5×5 Plus 1 Workout & an Otherworldly Cupcake Hack

ISSUE #5 – David Chang’s Ugly Delicious & the Amazing David Goggins & Ryan Holiday’s Conspiracy & Epic Chicken Sriracha Bars

ISSUE #4 – The Curling Superteam Builder & a Peter Rabbit Type & a New Book on The Wire & the Icarus Documentary

ISSUE #3 – Lincoln’s Pocket Contents & World’s Biggest Casino & the 10-Egg Omelette and the Navy SEAL Fitness Test

ISSUE #2 – The Matcha Quiz & a Roberto Clemente Biopic & A Kingdom From Dust & Good Will Hunting’s Rewatchables Pod

ISSUE #1 – A Mr. Rogers Classic Profile & the Born Strong Documentary & Cinder Blocks & the Joy of Topo Chico