Why is the Three Dollar Scholar sold for $2.99?

First and foremost, the Two Dollars and Ninety Nine Cent Scholar doesn’t roll off the tongue as well as the Three Dollar Scholar. Second and aftmost, I thought it would be nice to give an instant 1 penny discount on the book. If, for some reason, this is keeping you up at night, you can either send me the penny after you buy the book to make the purchase an even three dollars, or you can give the penny to charity. The decision is yours.

How did you pick the topics for the book?

I’d say I probably got 40% of them from things happening in my own life, 30% of them from things happening in the lives of people close to me, 20% of them from current events, and the rest from, wait, how many percents is that? I’m 10% short. Make it 50% from things happening in my own life and let’s call it a complete answer.

Have you really written for all those fitness magazines but you’re not a licensed personal trainer and you don’t have a Master’s degree in kinesiology, physiology or any other ology?

That is correct.

Did you really host one of the worst interviews with Arnold Schwarzenegger of all time?

That is also true. I gave an on-camera interview with Arnold to get his thoughts on the 60th anniversary of Muscle & Fitness Magazine. We had a limited time for the interview so we spoke behind the studio where we were doing the photo shoot. The studio wasn’t in the best area and we set up shop in front of a dumpster covered in graffiti. Then a delivery truck made a 19-point turn right next to us, drowning out most of our conversation. Then the truck honked because the driver saw Arnold. Then Arnold shot the driver an annoyed, threatening Terminator look and the guy honked again. Then the engine for the gate that protected the studio stalled as it was closing and the sound drowned out more of our interview. Eventually, we gave up.