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Excerpts – CHAPTER 14: Does the Best Fast-Food Burger Even Exist? An In-Depth Study OR It’s Time for the Mac Daddy

McDonald’s v. Burger King Burger King v. Wendy’s Wendy’s v. Carl’s Jr. Carl’s Jr. v. Hardee’s Hardee’s v. Checkers Checkers v. Whataburger Whataburger v. Fatburger Fatburger v. In ‘N Out... Read More

Excerpts – CHAPTER 3: Handling the Proposal (the real thing, not the Sandra Bullock movie)

ADVICE FEATURED IN AN EXCLUSIVE SIRIUS XM RADIO INTERVIEW The truest statement in the history of relationships regarding whether you should propose or not is also the most vague: “When... Read More

Excerpts – CHAPTER 7: Manly Rules for Naming Man’s Best Friend

Presidents are notorious for giving their dogs politically correct names (See: Bill Clinton re: Buddy or Gerald Ford re: Liberty). Lyndon Johnson even had a pair of beagles he simply... Read More

Excerpts – CHAPTER 8: On Where to Live OR I Hate Winter and I Want to Move to Southern California or South Florida, but I Can’t Decide Which

What an incredible dilemma! I spent six years living in Southern California and now I live in South Florida. I am the perfect person to answer this! First off, picking... Read More

Excerpts – CHAPTER 1: On Naming Your Child OR There’s No Need for Eight Girls Named Emma in One Kindergarten Class

With the average life expectancy in the United States pushing 80 years, picking the wrong name for your kid could turn out to be an eight-decade mistake. Think about that.... Read More