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Three Smart Things I Learned from Publishing Legend Joe Weider

If you’ve read Men’s Fitness, Shape, Muscle & Fitness, Flex or used a Weider piece of gym equipment or taken a Weider supplement or watched a Mr. Olympia show you... Read More

5 Ways to Start Intentionally Reading Again

We’ve become a society of headline-reading, sub-headline glancing morons. Me included. Full stop.... Read More

How I Read a New Book Every 10 Days

No tricks. No gimmicks. No BS strategies about 5-minute reading windows or syncing an audio book with hard copy books or reading while you eat or while you brush your... Read More

How Terminator 2 Marked the Beginning of My Movie Manhood

Let’s start with the movie poster. It’s simple. It’s clean. It kicks ass. We’ve got Arnold in his classic Terminator leather jacket sitting on a motorcycle holding a shotgun. That’s... Read More

Weekend at Bernie’s Reading List from the Desk of Bernie Lomax

If you’ve gotten this far then I won’t insult your (obviously) brilliant movie IQ and taste with an explanation of Weekend at Bernies and why the movie is an early... Read More

Fishing and Getting Trash-Talked by My 6-Year-Old

It’s 94-degrees and muggy. Do you want to go stand by a small body of water for an hour after dinner and swat bugs away from your face and smack... Read More

Why The ’99 MLB All-Star Game Will Always And Forever Be My Favorite

I Was There I think attendance is imperative to claiming that a specific sporting event is your favorite of all time. In this case, the ’99 Major League Baseball All-Star... Read More

The Dice Man on Getting Jacked, Playlists, Rocky III, and Not Being a Big Fat Animal

What is your mentality when you train? To me, everything in life is a mental and physical state of mind. You want to mentally be on top of things and... Read More

Sean Young on Bringing Ray Finkle/Lois Einhorn to Life in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective – A Finkel de Mayo Exclusive

As Finkels the world over prepare to celebrate their eponymous holiday this May 5th their thoughts naturally turn to the pantheon of patronymic Finkelsteins and Finkelbergs and Finkelthals that came... Read More


ONE PERFORMANCE – Remember that movie Limitless where Brad Cooper’s character (a loser) takes a pill that turns him into a high performing mental wizard? The bad news is there’s no real... Read More