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Unlocking the Secret of the Chicken Cordon Bleu Sandwich of My Childhood

Gun to my head my favorite sandwich of all time is chicken cordon bleu. Highlighting the above scenario serves two purposes – one, to tell you just how much I... Read More

Hollywood Memories: My Monster Costco Runs for a Major TV Network

Let me tell you about the otherworldly luxury Costco runs I used to make. Back in the day I was a Production Assistant for The Man Show on Comedy Central.... Read More

Ranking the Trade Value of Annoying Kids Habits

I created a fantasy game for us parents in honor of the NBA Trade Deadline and here’s how it works. For the sake of the column, rather than being a... Read More

In Defense of the Hats of My Youth and Ken Griffey Jr.

Back in ’92 I’d save up all of my lawn mowing money and I’d blow it on two things: CDs and hats. While CDs are dead, hats are very much... Read More

My Never-Before-Released Recipe for the Greatest Super Bowl Sunday Crowd Pleaser of All Time: The Meat Bomb

You know what’s great about pizza? Cheese. You know what’s great about pizza toppings? Meat. You know what one problem is? Pizza slices are too small. The tensilary strength of... Read More

A Play-By-Play of My Boy’s First Real, Original Joke

As the punchline formed in my 5-year-old boy’s head over breakfast, I watched the results play out on his face. First he smirked. Then he snorted. Then he gathered himself…... Read More

To Leave, Or Not to Leave a Message, That is the Question

Pop Quiz, Hot Shot: You’re calling someone to talk and they don’t pick up. What do you do? A) Leave a message with useful info telling the person to call... Read More

6 Days, 5 Hotels, 3 Colleges, 2 Road Closures and 1 Dog: A Photo Diary

THE BACKGROUND This fiasco happened in 2014 when I was moving to Dallas from South Florida. I took a road trip with my dog to meet the movers at the... Read More

2019 is the Year of the Dad and We Wrote the Official Book!

Introducing the Official Book of the Year of the Dad - The Life of Dad: Reflections on Fatherhood from Leaders, Icons and Legendary Dads ... Read More

The 15 Most Memorable Books I Read in 2018

Why most memorable? Because “best” and “top” in my opinion aren’t really helpful when it comes to book recommendations. Some books make an impact. Some don’t. These did. As you’ll... Read More