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Manly Meathead Movie Workouts

“Eye of the Tiger” Workout Week – 5 Free, Home Workouts Inspired by Rocky Opponents- DOWNLOAD HERE “I’ll Be Back” Workout Week – 5 Free, Home Workouts Inspired by Arnold... Read More

Weekend at Bernie’s Reading List from the Desk of Bernie Lomax

If you’ve gotten this far then I won’t insult your (obviously) brilliant movie IQ and taste with an explanation of Weekend at Bernies and why the movie is an early... Read More

The 15 Most Memorable Books I Read in 2018

Why most memorable? Because “best” and “top” in my opinion aren’t really helpful when it comes to book recommendations. Some books make an impact. Some don’t. These did. As you’ll... Read More

For Whom the Barbell Tolls

Doorbells ring. Cowbells ring. Sleigh bells, dinner bells and church bells ring. Harry Belafonte doesn’t ring, but he can sing. “Jingle Bells” rings during the holidays. Farm bells ring during... Read More

Finkel’s Fast Five – Issue #33

[wpforms id=”4658″ title=”false” description=”false”]   ISSUE #33 I’m happy to finally knock this book off my must-read list and if you feel like you’re always busy, you should read it... Read More

Why Alexander Hamilton Is The Best Ghostwriter Ever

By: Jon Finkel  I’m reading Ron Chernow’s immense, important and incredible book, Alexander Hamilton. You won’t believe me but the book has been sitting in my virtual library to read... Read More

The Reverse Buffett Bracket

With all due respect to Nate Silver and the 538 crew, anybody with an old TI-82 can invent an algorithm and build a statistical model and use other math jargon... Read More

Googled For You: What is Titanfall and Is It Awesome?

It’s a video game and yes, it is. At least it looks awesome. I have two little kids, which makes playing a video game pretty much impossible… Here are the... Read More

High Rolling: My Night As A Casino Host At The Seminole Hard Rock’s Blackjack Tournament – Yahoo! Sports’

By: Jon Finkel “You’re only as good as your last comp.” — Henry Pisano, vice president of player development, Seminole Hard Rock Casino It’s Friday night and fists of black... Read More

March Sadness: Why the First Four Tourney Games Are Lame (and 4 ideas to make them better)

Thinking your team qualified for the NCAA Tournament, only to find out they’ve earned a spot in a play-in game, is like being told your team is headed to the... Read More